WAnt - A Pascal-Friendly Build Tool
  Welcome to the official website of WAnt — the free, open-source, Pascal-friendly project-build-automation tool. You may find the following links helpful:
  What is WAnt?
A brief overview of WAnt.
  WAnt News and Announcements
News and announcements about WAnt, of course, also including previews of forthcoming features, deprecated features, and everything else pertaining to WAnt development.
  WAnt Discussion Forum
WAnt Discussion Forum (via the Web). Alternatively, you can reach it using any newsgroup client at news://news.optimax.com/sdforum.want This is where an open dialog about WAnt is conducted, where new features are forged in the flame of argument, and where new users ask for help.
  Issue Tracking/TODO List
A TODO list for the WAnt project, containing bug reports, issues, feature requests, etc., hosted at Google Code.
  WAnt at SourceForge
The WAnt open-source project at SourceForge.net - the official project downloads are here.
A list of top 10 requirements that guide the development of WANT 2.0.
A development "sandbox", where various pieces of half-cooked code are mixed with half-baked ideas and generously sprinkled with muddled ramblings for a juicy preview of what's coming, or not, as the case may be. Download and use at your own risk and peril.